Trust Administration

After the passing of the creator of a revocable trust, the trustee must begin the process of trust administration.  Our office can assist the trustee with the following:

  • Providing notifications compliant with the California Probate Code that serves to limit the time to contest the trust or to bring claim against the trust estate;
  • Taking necessary steps to enable the successor trustee to gather, safeguard and manage trust assets;
  • Inventory and valuation of assets;
  • Assisting the trustee in proper record-keeping procedures for the trust and in the preparation of reports and accountings;
  • Fulfillment of the trustee's fiduciary duties to the beneficiaries of the trust while limiting the trustee's liability; 
  • Paying debts and trust expenses and dealing with creditors;
  • Preparing Estate Tax Return (Form 706) if necessary;
  • Preparing necessary notifications to county assessor's offices if the trust estate includes real property;
  • Applying for the parent-child exclusion for an increase in property taxes for California real property being distributed to children;
  • Distribution of trust assets to beneficiaries; and
  • Representing the trustee in disputes with creditors or beneficiaries in connection with the administration of the trust.

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